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Department of Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics plays a major role in all the core area in pharmaceutical industry from pre-formulation pilot studies, scale-up and manufacture, evaluation, labeling and packaging etc., till the entry of new chemical entity by reaching the product successfully into the market for the patient in the health care system.

The department of pharmaceutics regarded as an important one in teaching and research of drug formulations, drug delivery and biopharmaceutical assessment. It included the design, preparation, formulations and assessing of drug release studies of sustained release, controlled release, targeted drug delivery system.

The department of Pharmaceutics was established to provide training to students in the area of Pharmaceutical sciences. The department will strive with a vision create an excellent atmosphere in learning the preparation of products like aromatic waters, syrups, liniments, lozenges, lotions, tinctures, poultice etc.

This laboratory provides elementary knowledge about the manufacturing of pharmaceutical preparations. This lab is also utilized to teach about the dispensing of the drugs in a hospital by a pharmacist and practice on preparation of aromatic waters, syrups, liniments, lozenges, lotions, tinctures, poultice etc. The department has necessary infrastructural facility with well experienced teaching staff.

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