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Chairman/in-charge: Dr. M. Senthilraja (Principal)
Mr. J. Arunpandiyan - Assistant Professor
Mr. T. Rajeev - Assistant Professor
Mr. C. Velmani - Assistant Professor

The time table committee helps to select the staff handling each subject of the department, to choose the subject in charges for the upcoming academic year, prepare the time table as per the work load and forward the same to the principal. The principal sets the time table for all the courses of Pharmacy and checks for any clashes or work overload in the schedule.


Chairman/in-charge: Mr. Arun N.T
Mrs. R. Thaila - Associate Professor
Mr. C. Manikandhan – Associate Professor
Ms. Dhanyalakshmi PGS – Assistant Professor

Duties and responsibilities:
The committee members help in the design of the upcoming year’s academic calendar. The academic activities are scheduled as per the TNMGRMU norms, the extra-curricular activities conducted in the college are also decided, updated information about the class in-charges, committee members, holiday list, etc are also included.


Chairman/in-charge: Dr. M. Senthilraja (Principal)
Dr. M. Senthilraja (Principal/Chairperson)
Mrs. J. Jayalakshmi - Associate Professor
Mr. Arun N T - Associate Professor
Mr. C. Manikandhan - Associate Professor
Mr. M. Palanivel - Associate Professor

The Academic Monitoring Cell (AMC) develops scientific criteria and strategies for effective curricular implementation. It helps in monitoring the ongoing academic programmes and examinations conducted in the institution as per PCI syllabus and TNMGRMU guidelines.


Chairman/in-charge:Principal Dr. M. Senthilraja (Controller of Examination)
Mrs. B. Jayalakshmi - Professor (Deputy Controller of Examination)
Mr. J. Arunpandiyan - Assistant Professor (Deputy Controller of Examination)
Mr. Shankar (Member) - Assistant Professor
Mr. S. Muniyappan ( Member) - Assistant Professor

Deputy controller of examination should conduct the theory and practical university and sessional examinations with consultation of the Controller of Examinations. The committee records both the exam results of B.Pharm in the final mark register, prescribed by PCI. It also finds out the list of supplementary exam students and hands it over to the exam in-charges during the time of university exam.


ChairmanDr. M. Senthilraja, Principal
In-charge: Mr. M. Karthikeyan, Administrative Officer.

Duties and responsibilities:
The university results of all the Pharmacy batches are collected, filed and maintained as registers by the committee members. All academic details such as pass percentage, academic excellence, total no. of distinctions / first class / failures, etc are noted down yearly. The committee is responsible for handing over the list of students who secured highest mark in each year and also for final university exams.

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